György Gáspár’s work can be connected to the deconstructive architecture, as a certain fragmenting of the sculptural forms, the mathematical system and the structural linings inside of the glass and spatial expansion of the most profound psychical experiences dominate his sculpture. His focus on deconstruction is notable in the strict contrast between the exterior form and the inner system of the sculpture which is based on an organic net created by precise geometric lines and elements. As a result, Gáspár tries to follow the duality of biomechanics and the morphology related to the Italian sculptor, Arnaldo Pomodoro. Nevertheless, Gáspár not only overthrows the traditional sculptural principles by building on architectural disciplines but by examining the borders between the picture and sculpture in using the form of classical image, for example often giving fragmenting of a television screen to his objects. His approach to paintings can be seen in underlining the significance of the neon colors, particularly in his earlier works. He builds on the relief forms as well as he creates two-dimensional transparent paintings that he places on top of each other and shapes it sometimes. Meanwhile, the classic characteristics of the glass, its shining, imposing appearance is de-emphasized by a conscious control of the artist.

His works are literally openings for the unknown world as the inner system, visual language manually created by him can be continued four-dimensionally outside of the glass form and as a result, they can be seen as the projection of the micro-macrocosm. In his earlier activity, this content was shown in an ironical analyzation of the pop culture and the science with subject of UFO movies or science fiction literature. Nowadays, Gáspár concentrates on emphasizing the abstract geometric approach and less concrete themes that generally introduce the unique visual language and deconstructive philosophy represented by him. Overall, his art is determined by the Deconstruction by Jacques Derrida, its architectural appearance, for example in Peter Eisenman’s or Coop Himmel(b)lau’s work, by the original precise forms appeared in the French-Central-European abstract sculpture and the visual and optical game given by the op art.


1976 Pécs, Hungary


2021 Kunststiftung der Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw  | Pforzheim | Germany 

2018 Glasmusem Lette  | Lette | Germany 

2014 Corning Museum of Glass │Corning │USA, NY

2014 Foundation for Contemporary Ceramic Arts │ Kecskemét│ Hungary

2012 Mudac Museum │ Lousanne│ Switzerland

2012 Sir Elton John Art Collection │Great Britain

2010 KOGART │ Budapest│ Hungary

2009 Rippl-Rónai Museum | Kaposvár | Hungary

2009 Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts | Budapest | Hungary

2004 Museum Fascinacion Glas-Kunst | Öhringen | Germany 

Group Exhibitions

2020  /H/ Budapest │ Art & Antik Fair │ VILTIN Gallery

          /D/ Karlsruhe │ Karlsruhe │ Heitsch Gallery

          /B/ Brussels │ BRAFA │ Clara Scremini Gallery

2019  /USA/ Miami │Context Art Miami │Heitsch Gallery

          /H/ Budapest │Color Field │VILTIN Gallery

          /A/ Vienna │Vienna Contemporary │VILTIN Gallery

          /H/ Budapest │Art Market Budapest │VILTIN Gallery

          /SK/ Bratislava │ Concrete Summer │ Gallery Umelka

          /F/ Paris │Art Paris Art Fair │VILTIN Gallery

          /H/ Budapest │Bauhaus 100 │Vasarely Museum

          /H/ Budapest │PTE Design │FUGA
2018  /H/ Budapest │10 │VILTIN Gallery

          /A/ Vienna │Vienna Contemporary │VILTIN Gallery
          /H/ Budapest │Art Market Budapest │VILTIN Gallery
          /USA/ Los Angeles │ LA Art Show │ Palette Contemporary
2017 /H/ Budapest │Art Market Budapest │VILTIN Gallery
2016 /F/ Paris │ PAD Paris │ Clara Scremini Gallery

         /E/ Madrid │ ARCO Madrid │ Viltin Gallery


         /B/ Brussels │ BRAFA │ Clara Scremini Gallery

2015  /USA/ Chicago │ SOFA Chicago │ Habatat Galleries

2015 /H/ Budapest │ Art Market Budapest │ Erdész Gallery

2015 /GB/ Edinburgh │ Cutting-Edge Contemporary Hungarian Glass │ The Scottish Gallery

2014 /USA/ Laguna Beach │ Innovative Hungarian Glass │ Avran Art+Design

2014 /USA/ Houston │Houston Fine Art Fair │Erdész Gallery

2014 /H/ Kecskemét │IV. International Triennal of Silicate Arts

2014 /F/ Paris│PAD – Clara Scremini Gallery

2013 /GB/ London │COLLECT 2013 – Saatchi Gallery with Plateaux Gallery

2013 /F/ Paris │PAD – Clara Scremini Gallery

2012 /DK/ Bornholm │ EUROPEAN GLASS CONTEXT 2012

2012 /GB/ London │ Plateaux Gallery │Five Glass Masters from Hungary

2011 /H/ Budapest │ B55 Galery │ GEOMIX 2.0

2009 /H/ Budapest │ Olof Palme House │ XI. National Prize

2009 /CZ/ Prague │ Hungarian Institute │ Glass Festival of Prague 2009

2009 /H/ Budapest | Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts | Craft& Design

2008 /DK/ Bornholm │ EUROPEAN GLASS CONTEXT 2008

2008 /B/ Liege │ Design Hungary in Glass Tower │ BIENNALE INTERNATIONAL

2008 /CZ/ Prague │ Hungarian Institute │ SILICART

2008 /GB/ London │ Café in the Crypt │100% Design Fest │ Taste MOMEnts

2008 /Pl/ Wroclaw │ Galeria BB │ Hungarian Design FISE

2008 /D/ Berlin | DMY International Design festival | Taste MOMEnts

2008 /H/ Kecskemét | 2nd International Triennial of Silicate Arts

2008 /F/ Helsinki | Media Center Lume| Taste MOMEnts

2008 /H/ Budapest | Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts | Kozma Prize Exhibition

2007 /H/ Budapest | Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts | Kozma Prize Exhibition

2006 /H/ Budapest | Ericsson Gallery of Fine Arts | M.Ü.T. Selected Exhibition

2006 /H/ Budapest | Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts | Kozma Prize Exhibition

2005 /H/ Budapest | Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts | Jubileum Auction

2005 /NL/ Doesburg | Galerie Het Gouden Schepel | Europese Glaskunst

2005 /H/ Kecskemét | International Ceramics Studio | Glass Objects

2005 /D/ Berlin | Hungarian Institute | M.Ü.T. Selected Exhibition

2005 /NL/ Doesburg | Galerie Het Gouden Schepel | Hungarian Glass Art

2005 /BG/ Sophia | Hungarian Institute | M.Ü.T. Selected Exhibition

2005 /H/ Budapest | Csepel Gallery | Exhibition of Young Glass Artists

2004 /H/ Kecskemét | International Ceramics Studio | New Systems of Colors

2004 /H/ Budapest | Ponton Gallery | Stardust

2004 /H/ Szentendre | ArtMill | Budapest Art Expo Fresh

2004 /H/ Budapest | Erzsébet Square Cultural Centre | Transflexion

2004 /D/ München | Talente 2004

2003 /H/ Budapest | F.I.S. Gallery | Connection

2003 /H/ Budapest | K.P.M.G. Center

2003 /NL/ Damsterdiep | Moorart Gallery

2002 /F/ Saint-Etienne | International Biennal Design Festival

2002 /H/ Budapest | K.P.M.G. Center

2002 /H/ Budapest | Fióka Art Gallery

2001 /H/ Budapest | F.I.S. Gallery

2000 /H/ Törökszentmiklós | Gallery

2000 /H/ Pécs| A.N.K.

2000 /H/ Balatonfüred | Art-East Gallery

1999 /H/ Kaposvár | Rippl-Rónai Gallery

1998 /H/ Fonyód | Riverside Gallery

Solo Exhibitions


2022 /H/ Budapest │ Imprint city │ Hegyvidék Galéria
2019 /H/ Pécs
│ Beyond 2000 │ Nick Gallery

2018 /H/ Budapest │ Háromhét Galéria │ Neuron
/H/ Budapest │ Viltin Gallery │ Electron

2015 /H/ Budapest │ Museion No. 1 │ GEOPOP

2013 /F/ Paris | Clara Scremini Gallery | INVASION

2012 /D/ Berlin | Nadania Idriss Contemporary | URANIUM

2011 /H/ Budapest │ B / G / S │ FISE Galery

2009 /H/ Pécs │ Cella Septichora World Heritage │ BASE

2009 /D/ Berlin | Nadania Idriss New Glass Art & Photography Gallery | INTERSTELLAR

2008 /H/ Budapest | Rododendron Gallery | Super Aliens

2006 /H/ Budapest | Glass Pyramid Gallery | Fresh Casting

2004 /H/ Budapest | Városmajori Gallery | Gáspár – Máder – Sipos


2017  lecturer, University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

2015  instructor, Pilchuck Glass School, New Colors of Geometry, Session 4

2012  instructor, Pilchuck Glass School, Free Geometry course, Session 3

2010  Head of Glass, Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest

2006- 2012 instructor, Moholy-Nagy University of Arts & Design, Budapest, glass


2013-2016  DLA Studies, Art, PTE, Pécs

1998–2003 Hungarian University of Crafts & Design, Budapest, MA

2002  Erasmus Scholarship - Designskolen Kolding, Denmark

1997–1998 Art Specialized Secondary School, Kaposvár